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Tell the Truth, But Keep Your Mouth Shut

It can be difficult to tell the truth.  As children, we’re instructed in its importance.  “It’s a sin to tell a lie.”  At home, in school and church, the need for truthfulness is stressed until telling the truth becomes something … Continue reading

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Time Travel

September 12, 2010. The signpost read “Oakfield, 20 miles.”  In that instant, the time between my last visit and this one (33 years to be exact) vanished as if it had never existed. This is the town where my mother … Continue reading

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View From the Window

“There is something in October sets the gypsy blood astir.” — William Bliss Carman, “A Vagabond Song, st. 3” From out my office window, I can see a portion of our side yard and a bit of the creek, the … Continue reading

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Miracle Courtesy of Nettie

Good weekend — four-day visit with a long-time friend, hubby back from a trip, much good food and laughter — but still a worrisome time.  Friend of a friend is in the hospital with unexplained seizures.  Wife of one of … Continue reading

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