It’s A Book!

As I write this, WEATHERCOCK is going to print.  In a few short weeks, a large truck will pull up with boxes of my latest book.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I am damned excited!

WEATHERCOCK is a fantasy, appropriate for ages 15 and up, and recounts the journey of discovery a young man makes when he opts to fight the role society has laid out for him rather than cave in to pressure.

The back cover reads:

Keeping a man after he’s gone blank is like feeding a dry cow just because you like its eyes,” Auntie Cully declared one night when the topic came up at dinner.  “If a man can’t breed, what good is he?  Better to put him out of his misery as soon as possible.”

Condemned to death, Kinner is whisked away by his ailing mother on the eve of execution.  Traveling overland, hiding from pursuit, he soon realizes that her plans for him aren’t what they appear to be. Has his own mother turned traitor?

What of Rai and Banya, the mercenary soldiers in whose company they travel?  On the run from their own commander, can they truly be trusted?

And what of the Weathercock, the hero legend says will one day set men free from the tyranny of women?  Can he be counted on to appear when Kinner needs him most?

For the time being, WEATHERCOCK will be available directly from me only.  (Amazon takes a big chunk of change to market books, and chain bookstores generally don’t look at self-published books.)  HOWEVER — I hope to have several copies available at the Written Words Bookstore in Shelton, CT very soon.

Cover price is $16.99.  This includes shipping and handling.  Those who pre-order the book BEFORE FEBRUARY 1, 2011 may purchase it for $10.  Send a check or money order payable to “Melissa Crandall” at P.O. Box 275, Quaker Hill, CT 06375.

Remember, the cut-off date is February 1, 2011 to get your hot-off-the-press copy of WEATHERCOCK at a discount!

Thank you!!


About Melissa Crandall

A million years ago--round-about the first Ice Age--I cut my writing teeth on fanzines and science fiction media tie-in novels. I'm happy to say that I've since branched out to include fantasy, horror, essays, and narrative nonfiction. This site will keep you up-to-date on my adventures in writing. I live in Connecticut with my husband--who frequently wonders what he got himself into by marrying a writer--two cats named Tuna and Gypsy, and a semi-neurotic Australian shepherd named Holly.
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6 Responses to It’s A Book!

  1. John says:

    Sounds great, Melissa–I can’t wait to read it! My check will be in the mail soon…


  2. All the best of luck with your new book, Melissa.

  3. This seems like an interesting premise… will i get a recipet if I preorder? And the cut off date is February 1st… is that postmarked or you have to have the check or money order by then?

    • Welcome! As for the premise, well, it’s a way to generate early sales (always a good thing). I can certainly send you a receipt if you like, no problem there. If an order is postmarked February 1st, that works for me. The point is to get books out there, get people reading and (I hope ) excited about the story so they’ll encourage their fellow readers to buy a copy. Thanks for writing!

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