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Don’t Bounce the Cat

One of the greatest joys of my life has been my participation in the United States Coast Guard Academy Sponsor Family Program.  How it began was this: My husband Ed was browsing the newspaper one day and said, “How do … Continue reading

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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

I pissed off a neighbor the other day. It wasn’t my intention, but I did it just the same.  You would think that after 54 years of life on this planet, I’d learn to keep my mouth shut. Here’s what … Continue reading

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Let Freedom Ring

Friend of mine posted a link on Facebook today of photographs taken at 60 New York City weddings.  They are lovely pictures — full of smiles, tears, exuberance, elation, dresses, tuxes, flowers,  hugs, kisses, children, families, friends.   You know, the … Continue reading

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The Poignancy of Moving On

Change is a frightening thing.  It is also terribly exciting and thrilling.  Nerve-wracking.  If not driven to it by circumstance, you question yourself again and again.  Is this what I should be doing?  Is the timing right?  Should I wait, … Continue reading

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Fish-Eye Lens

General ruminations on stuff. ————— Big news here is the birth of my great-niece Ellery Hope Cootware on July 11 around 7:30-ish in the evening.  6 lbs, 1 oz, a button of a thing and utterly gorgeous.  That’s big praise from … Continue reading

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Making Friends in Unexpected Places

In June of 2010, my husband and I visited our friends Pam and Mack  Hohmann in Waterford, Michigan.  During the visit, Pam took us to Harsens Island, a beautiful place of freshwater deltas, plentiful wildlife, boating (especially freighter-watching — those … Continue reading

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One Never Knows

I started a new story today, something that popped into my head (I at first typo-ed ‘heart’ and maybe that’s more truthful) inspired by a short story collection I read recently. On the surface, the story is about devils and … Continue reading

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