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Just Another New Year’s Eve

(courtesy Tomorrow night is New Year’s Eve. Big deal. When I was a kid, New Year’s seemed a grand thing.  My parents — never big party-goers — spent the evening playing cards (and, one assumes, drinking and dining) with relatives.  I was left at … Continue reading

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Moment by Moment

 (courtesy of 4:13 am.  The house is utterly silent but for the soft whir of the blower on the fireplace insert, pushing warm air into the room.  I didn’t stoke the fire last night before going to bed (it … Continue reading

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My Two Favorite Christmas Stories

 (Courtesy Most of us are familiar with the iconic tale of Ralphie and the coveted Red Ryder BB gun (“You’ll shoot your eye out!”).  Likewise, nearly every family I know has at least one version of the tale, some … Continue reading

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 (Courtesy of “Often we remember a great teacher…But what about great students…?” — Natalie Goldberg, Old Friend from Far Away I joined a Facebook chat that centers on my home town, Clifton Park, NY, and my old alma mater, … Continue reading

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Hi-Yo Silver

 (Courtesy of For years, my best friend was a bicycle something like the one above, although mine was smaller, of a brighter blue, and had a pristine white seat and white handle-bar grips.  Because it was brand-new and not a hand-me-down, I … Continue reading

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Bolt From The Blue

 (Courtesy of I love powerful weather.  Wind, rain, snow…you name it.  And I’m a big fan of thunder and lightning.  One of the few really good things my mother ever did for me was to teach me not to be … Continue reading

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They Come In All Shapes And Sizes

          In writing about the death of a dog belonging to a mutual friend (the wonderful Rose, partnered with writer Jon Katz,), my friend Suzi had this to say:    “I’ve learned so much <about pet … Continue reading

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