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Image via Wikipedia  They come in all shapes and sizes, life lessons.  Some are big, others small.  Some are terribly profound and mysterious, and others are so simple that you wonder why you missed them before. My life lesson this … Continue reading

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When You Least Expect It

Several blogs back, I wrote about my first real love and what a disastrous screw-up and total horror show that relationship turned out to be.  Names were changed to protect a certain party’s identity, but it was something I needed … Continue reading

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Relive the Magic

I’ve seen a lot of movies in nearly 54 years and all have affected me in one way or another.  Some, like STAR WARS and LORD OF THE RINGS blew just about every gasket I have.  Others, like FIELD OF DREAMS … Continue reading

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Where’d I Put My Blaster?

When my husband travels for work, I have a tendency to watch way more television than normal.  Well, I say television, but what I mean is movies.  (We haven’t had cable for eighteen years and we don’t miss it.) We … Continue reading

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Gone Like a Wisp of Smoke

 (courtesy wikipedia) I meant to write about ice cream; how my favorite flavor has changed over the years, how I come back again and again to good old vanilla (not the yellowy so-called French vanilla, but the kind speckled with … Continue reading

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It’s Official!

<Fanfare of trumpets, please> I’m proud as punch over this (although being a bit behind the learning it curve when it comes to things bloggish, it took me a few days to figure out how to post this).  No, I … Continue reading

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Got Them Old Knock You On The Head Sysiphian Blues

 (courtesy Or maybe it’s a funk.  I can’t tell the difference. Despite my recent post saying yeah-yeah-New-Years-Eve-whatever, I LIKE the beginning of a new year.  I enjoy that sense of anticipation of the future, the feeling of changing the sheets on … Continue reading

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