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Pillow Talk

Image via Wikipedia “With the landless gull, that at sunset folds her wings and is rocked to sleep between billows; so at nightfall, the Nantucketer, out of sight of land, furls his sails, and lays him to his rest, while … Continue reading

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Strap Those Puppies Down!

Image via Wikipedia Guys be forewarned, we’re talking breasts here.  Boobs.  Knockers.  Tits.  Ta-tas.  Headlamps.  Udders.  Hooters.  Jugs.  Pick your stupid male-originated euphemism. When I was little, I didn’t give much thought to breasts.  The women I knew had them and I guess somewhere … Continue reading

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Holy !*@&#%$!!!

Image via Wikipedia I learned the word ‘whore’ because of a cow. My parents and I were up in Maine visiting my mom’s side of the family and staying with my grandparents at their camp on Spaulding Lake.  I was…ten?  Somewhere around … Continue reading

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Can’t Go Back

Image via Wikipedia One of the great regrets of my life is not having children. Don’t get me wrong.  I have been singularly blessed by the presence of children in my life:  my nieces and nephews, their children, my three … Continue reading

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Mashed Potatoes!!! (Photo credit: Manuel Alarcón) I’m alive today because of mashed potatoes. I was born in the late 50’s at the whopping weight of six pounds, one ounce.  Not big, by any means, but not particularly small for the … Continue reading

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All About Perspective

perspective (Photo credit: huntz) Humans are self-centered creatures.  Even the most self-sacrificing among us have our moments of total narcisism, those instances when we’re so focused on our own lives that everything else disappears. And being human, we have a tendency … Continue reading

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The Chocolate Chip Viking Marriage Proposal Cookie

Image via Wikipedia Anyone who knows me will tell you that, while I like to cook, it’s baking that holds my heart. Pies, yeast breads, cakes, cookies, quick breads, custards, fruit crisps and pandowdies and slumps…you name it, I love … Continue reading

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