It’s been pointed out to me that I’ll blog about anything, that no subject is taboo.  I think that’s true.  I hope so.

Intertitle from the Showtime television series...

Intertitle from the Showtime television series Shameless Français : Logo original de la série télévisée Shameless (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I choose a topic, my intent is to come at it honestly.  Sometimes I think I choose certain subjects because of their fear quotient, their level of personal difficulty, just to discover if I have what it takes to stare them down.

The things I choose to write about (as well as the things I say) occasionally piss people off.  Ah, well.  It’s a writer’s job to elicit emotion.  I don’t write for shock value.  I’m not interested in getting someone’s panties in a twist, but if I do, well, maybe they needed twisting.

I write because some things need to be said.  Like as not, I’m exploring my own interior landscape, poking into holes where dark things reside, sharp teeth bright against the gloom.  It’s funny, though…those moments when I write most for myself (to lance some boil left too long untended) are the moments when I connect most deeply with others.  (At least that’s what they tell me.)  There’s a commonality to the pain we experience as human beings.  Some readers become outraged by what I’ve written, but I suspect that’s because I’ve struck too close to the bone, to a personal pain they’re having trouble dealing with.  Others seem relieved to finally have it out in the open, even if the “it” is my personal issue and not theirs.  Being able to say, “Oh, yes, I’ve been there” makes you feel less alone in the maelstrom of life.

We’re taught that it’s not good manners to air our laundry in public, that we should remain prim and polite and quiet.  Maybe that’s one of the things I love most about middle-age:  by this point, I just don’t care.  I spent far too many years with my mouth sewn shut, my ears stopped up, my eyes blinded.  Be good, do as your told, take care of everyone else.  If you feel pain, don’t show it, don’t talk about it.  Denial, denial, denial.

No more.

The words are mine alone.  If I feel like talking about something, I will.  With words, I am free.



About Melissa Crandall

Longer ago than I care to admit--although I will--I cut my writing teeth on fanzines and media tie-in novels. Since then, I've moved on to narrative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and essays. I write to explore and understand the world around me, the things I see and experience nearby or from a distance. If I shake myself up, cool. If I shake you up, even better. Not gratuitously--what's the point in that?--but to set what I know, or think I know, on end and realize, "Well, doesn't it look different from this side!" My work is neither sexually explicit nor graphically violent. Let's face it - your imaginations will come up with things far worse than anything I could write, no matter how descriptive. Besides, it's just not my thing. I live in Connecticut with my supportive husband Ed, a cat named Ruby who might just think she's a dog, and an epileptic Australian shepherd named Holly who isn't quite certain anymore who she is, except she knows she loves her mommy.
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4 Responses to Shameless

  1. Brian Grove says:

    Hi Melissa,

    I like your site, you have some interesting posts. My site compliments yours, consisting of interesting articles from a published author, and a free writers yearbook with over 1000 book publishers currently accepting submissions. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Brian

  2. John says:

    It always amuses me when people get pissed off at what someone else writes. As if there’s not enough in the world to piss them off already.

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