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Taming the Inner Shrew

I can’t take any credit for that title because it came from my friend Frances, who laughingly gave me permission to use it.  God, I wish I’d had it yesterday! I’m going to retouch on yesterday’s topic of our never-ending … Continue reading

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Defeating Monkey Mind

There is a synchronicity to life sometimes that frankly both amazes and delights me.  In yesterday’s blog, I touched on fear and the yatter of monkey mind.  (By the way, mine is named Phyllis; I figured if I was going … Continue reading

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Fear is the glue that’s stuck me in more bad places than I care to admit.Whenever I find myself unable to move forward or back, unable to see my way past (over, under, through) an obstacle, it’s fear that usually holds … Continue reading

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To Sleep: Perchance to Dream

When I was in college at SUNY Buffalo, I took a course in dream interpretation.  It was a pretty far-out topic for the 1980’s, I suppose, but certainly no weirder than today’s courses in frisbee hurling and building with Legos.  … Continue reading

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Flip-Top Head

Ever have the desire to really scrub out your brain?  I don’t mean down-time, kick-back, take-a-break.  I’m talking cut the skull in half, open it up, and take a Brillo pad to the grey matter.  Dig into those nooks and … Continue reading

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Ain’t Gonna Crawl

I’m not good at patching up relationships once they’ve fallen apart. Granted, some relationships are (and should be) beyond saving.  If you’re in a situation where you’re being used in any number of wrongful ways and you find the guts to … Continue reading

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Two Sides, One Coin

Tomorrow hubby and I will attend the wedding of two friends. The bride is someone we’ve known only a couple of years, a bright young woman who works as a school teacher, owns a powder-puff pooch, likes (strike that:  LOVES) … Continue reading

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