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Flip Side

Those who labor in the salt mines of disease (those living with illness as well as those who are dealing with someone who lives with illness) can tell long and lurid tales of the proverbial dark night of the soul, … Continue reading

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I was in my pajamas by five o’clock this afternoon.  Some days are like that. It started out okay.  I got a decent amount of sleep for a change.  (Insomnia has been my companion for too damn long.)  Cool morning, … Continue reading

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Counting My Blessings

By 8:30 this morning, I’d had phone conversations about my mother with her doctor (the fabulous Dr. Carl S.), my sister, and my niece.  I sat afterward, tapping a finger against the phone and staring into space, wondering at what … Continue reading

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Treading Water

I am writing this in the dark, hiding in the guest room of my mother’s house, pretending to be asleep because if I have to answer one more question (that I’ve already answered a dozen times) or field one more … Continue reading

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Movie Magic

Got talking about movies last night with friends over dinner and a comment was made about those moments in a movie that you remember time and again, those instances which prove to be magic for you.  Most movies have them, … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

I’ve quit Facebook.  I’m not sure if it’s forever, but I’m done with it for now (barring posting notice when I write a new blog).  Why?  Because it stopped being fun. I was a late-bloomer when it came to social … Continue reading

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