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Yesterday I had my first occasion of burnout since Mom came to live here three weeks and four days ago.  I was upstairs cleaning one of the bathrooms when I both heard and felt the final straw snap.  (She was … Continue reading

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Dog-Paddling Through Life

When Hubby and I started looking for a new house, we decided early on to not purchase one with a swimming pool.  Not because we don’t like to swim (we do), but because of the upkeep involved.  We didn’t want … Continue reading

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Pulling Weeds

Hanging around outside today, playing with the dog and waiting for the guys from Fireside to arrive and deliver our load of ECO Bricks (4 pallets, 4 tons = warm house this winter), I began to lackadaisically and somewhat haphazardly pull … Continue reading

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Time Capsule

Hey, it’s Thursday and I’m actually blogging!  Wow! ************************************************************** It’s been an interesting process, moving my mother into a so-called retirement home (which ended up being more like a warehouse for old folks) and then from there to our place in … Continue reading

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Tear To The Eye

So the other night, as I’m helping Mom get ready for bed, I said to her, “You know, it’ll be really nice having you here for Thanksgiving and Christmas.” “Yes,” she said.  “Providing I don’t get snowed in.” Had a … Continue reading

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Mom – The Early Days

Well, another week has come and gone, blowing my blogging “schedule” all to hell.  I should have heard the ominous pealing of bells in the back of my brain when I promised a fresh posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Of … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

Beats the alternative, anyway. (Yes, I know it’s not Tuesday or Thursday, but I owe you a second blog.  And anyway, I’ll be traveling again next Tuesday so don’t expect much next week since I’ll be out of internet range … Continue reading

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