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Hurricane Musings

I’m sitting in the living room, watching through the slider doors as the woods behind the house thrash.  Steady wind and rain at 2:00 pm with occasional gusts of around 50 mph.  A few dead branches have come down, but … Continue reading

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RANDY THE DOG IS HOME!!! I received a text message this morning at 5 from Liam Bane telling me that Randy turned up around 3:30 this morning.  Now maybe it’s coincidence that he came back after I posted that blog … Continue reading

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Missing a Friend

This is Randy. It’s not a great photo, I know, but it was a sunny day and he was in motion, chasing my dog Holly in and out of the river.  He belongs to our neighbors, Liam and Wanda Bane, and is … Continue reading

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All About Perspective

Last week, on the way to the optometrist, I took Mom to the beach in Niantic for an hour. She doesn’t remember any of it.  Not the trip to the optometrist, not the eye exam or multiple tests, not picking … Continue reading

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One Size, My Ass

I doubt I’m in the minority among women when I express my total dislike (no, that’s too bland a word; make it ‘flaming napalm hatred’) of clothes shopping. It doesn’t matter where I go — high-end stores, low-end stores, thrift stores … Continue reading

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Antidote to Stress

After four hours in the ER with Mom yesterday (she’s fine; just some shortness of breath), this is what I need to take the edge off.

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Sweet Morning Light

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