Missing a Friend

This is Randy.

It’s not a great photo, I know, but it was a sunny day and he was in motion, chasing my dog Holly in and out of the river.  He belongs to our neighbors, Liam and Wanda Bane, and is Holly’s very best friend.

He’s also been missing since October 15.

On the evening of the 15th, as dusk was settling, Randy bolted from his yard and into the road where he was struck by a car.  It seems to have been a glancing blow, because he took off into the woods, terrified out of his mind and totally unresponsive to every call Liam gave.

Initially, we feared the worst.  Who wouldn’t?  As we searched the woods, fields, and back yards of our community, we paid particular attention to dark secluded areas and overgrown patches beneath trees, certain we would find him there, dead.  But, as Olympia Dukakis says in the movie “Moonstruck,”

“It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

There are posters out all over the community for several miles around.  The Banes, their friends and family and neighbors, continue to search every day.  And we are not without encouragement.  Two phone calls placed Randy a mile or so away, near Burnt Hill Park.  When we searched there, a lady showed up in her truck declaring, “He just ran through my backyard!” but of course when we got there, he was gone.  Two nights ago, some woman called the Banes at 11:30 pm to say he was at her back door…but then she decided that maybe it wasn’t their dog after all and HUNG UP.  Liam called her back but she refused to pick up the phone.  (Thanks a bunch, lady.)  And yesterday, I received a call from Liam that someone had just telephoned saying Randy had been seen less than a mile from my house, could I please go take a look?  Of course I did, taking Holly with me in the hopes that Randy will recognize her and be drawn in (even if he doesn’t recognize me).


We’ll continue to search, but worry runs high.  We’ve had a lot of rain and a few very cold nights, and it’s nearly November.  It’s duck and goose hunting season right now…and Randy is terrified of the sounds of gunshot.  In a few weeks, deer hunting season will arrive.  And did you all notice how much he looks like a deer?

Because I’ve occasionally been made totally speechless (imagine that) by the woo-woo-ness of life, I’m asking that each of you say a prayer or light a candle or do whatever it is you do to put the energy out there that will bring Randy home.  Pass along words to your friends and they to their friends.  Perhaps if we cast this net wide enough, we’ll snare our wayward fish.

Thank you.


About Melissa Crandall

Longer ago than I care to admit--although I will--I cut my writing teeth on fanzines and media tie-in novels. Since then, I've moved on to narrative nonfiction, speculative fiction, and essays. I write to explore and understand the world around me, the things I see and experience nearby or from a distance. If I shake myself up, cool. If I shake you up, even better. Not gratuitously--what's the point in that?--but to set what I know, or think I know, on end and realize, "Well, doesn't it look different from this side!" My work is neither sexually explicit nor graphically violent. Let's face it - your imaginations will come up with things far worse than anything I could write, no matter how descriptive. Besides, it's just not my thing. I live in Connecticut with my supportive husband Ed, a cat named Ruby who might just think she's a dog, and an epileptic Australian shepherd named Holly who isn't quite certain anymore who she is, except she knows she loves her mommy.
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2 Responses to Missing a Friend

  1. Hope you find him soon.

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