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Know how I can tell I’ve been distracted by life? I clicked on the link for WordPress and thought, “Oh, yeah. I DO have a blog.” Sigh. The title for this piece comes from a song by Harry Chapin, although … Continue reading

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The More They Stay The Same

Mom appears to have an unerring psychic sense of when I’m writing, when I’ve put myself away in some nook and finally gotten into the zone, and that’s when she shows up to ask me one of her questions. Those … Continue reading

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Precious Little That’s New

Hi, everyone. Over the past few days, I’ve gained some new followers (Welcome!) and it’s made me realize how little I’ve posted recently about…anything. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t care. Some of my lapse is caused by busyness. … Continue reading

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There was a moment last night when I wanted to shoot myself dead. It had been a tense day with Mom.  Some of those sorts of days stem directly from her behaviors.  Some stem from mine – those days when … Continue reading

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Other Side of the Shovel

And there are the mornings when you wake up and it’s all okay again.  At least for a while. You know the bad feelings will return – they’re as inexorable as the seasons and about as controllable – but they, … Continue reading

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Shoveling Shit Uphill with a Sieve

One of the most difficult things caretakers of Alzheimer’s patients have to deal with is their hatred of the job.  I’m fairly open regarding my feelings, but even so I’m often bowed by guilt over the depth of my negative … Continue reading

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Out of the Blue

Which is probably what you’re all thinking as I put in an appearance after…how much time?  Way too long and I’m too lazy to go back and check.  What can I say?  Been busy.  Been distracted.  Been tired.  Dealing with … Continue reading

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