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Precious Little That’s New

Hi, everyone. Over the past few days, I’ve gained some new followers (Welcome!) and it’s made me realize how little I’ve posted recently about…anything. Believe me, it’s not because I don’t care. Some of my lapse is caused by busyness. … Continue reading

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Shoveling Shit Uphill with a Sieve

One of the most difficult things caretakers of Alzheimer’s patients have to deal with is their hatred of the job.  I’m fairly open regarding my feelings, but even so I’m often bowed by guilt over the depth of my negative … Continue reading

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Good News, Bad News, Rough Night

I’ll start with the good news.  The rest will sort itself out. When my mom moved in last September (HAS IT ALREADY BEEN ALMOST A YEAR???!?), one of the tasks I set myself was to find someplace — any place … Continue reading

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Deep Breath, Start Counting

Last night, after putting Mom to bed to read herself to sleep, I noticed it had begun to snow.  Because she likes snow so much, I went upstairs and tapped on her door.  When I opened it, she was sitting … Continue reading

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Doctor, Why Does It Hurt When I Do This?

When you love someone with dementia, it feels like your life is eroding piece by piece.  I don’t mean the daily grind of caring for them, the slip and slide beneath your feet as the ground you thought was solid turns … Continue reading

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Clear As Mud

Thanksgiving came and went without a single telephone call to my mother from her family.  She has two other daughters, two grand-daughters, three grandsons, and two of her seven great-grandchildren are in their twenties, certainly old enough to give the old girl a … Continue reading

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Antidote to Stress

After four hours in the ER with Mom yesterday (she’s fine; just some shortness of breath), this is what I need to take the edge off.

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